Friday, February 8, 2008

Two Letter Words Defined

SOWPODS Two Letter Words

Bold indicates word cannot be extended with 'S'
Plus sign (+) indicates word can be extended by 'ES'

AA rough jagged lava found in Hawaiian volcanos
AB an abdominal muscle
AD short form of advertisement
AE one (Scots.)
AG agricultural
AH (verb) to say "Ah" for joy etc
AI a three-toed South American sloth
AL an East Indian tree
AM a present tense of the verb be
AN a form of the indefinite article
AR the letter "R"
AS to that extent
AT in the position of
AW exclamation of disappointment
AX (verb) to work on with an axe
AY an affirmative vote (also AYE)
BA the eternal spirit in egyptian mythology
BE (verb) to exist
BI a bisexual person
BO Amer. slang for friend
BY near; a side issue (pl. BYS)
CH English dial. for I
DA a Burmese heavy knife
DE preposition meaning of or from, in names
DI a plural of deus (a god)
DO (verb) to achieve; a celebration (pl. DOS)
EA a river (dial.)
ED educational
EE Scots. dial. for eye (pl. EEN)
EF the letter "F"
EH (verb) to say "Eh" for surprise etc
EL an elevated railway
EM a printer's measure
EN a printer's measure, half of an EM
ER an expression of hesitation
ES+ the letter "S"
ET a past tense of eat
EX+ the letter "X"
FA a musical note
FY an interj. expressing disgust (also FIE)
GI a judo or karate costume
GO (verb) to depart; a Japanese board game (pl. GOS)
GU a simple violin used in Shetland (alos GJU, GUE)
HA an exclamation of surprise
HE a male
HI an exclamation of greeting
HM interj. expressing thoughtful consideration
HO intej. calling attention
ID part of the psyche
IF a condition
IN (verb) to harvest
IO a cry of joy
IS a present tense of be
IT impersonal pronoun
JO+ a sweetheart
KA (verb) to serve (also KAE)
KO a Maori digging stick
KY cows (also KYE)
LA a musical note
LI a Chinese distance unit
LO look, behold
MA mother
ME a musical note (also MI)
MI same as ME, above
MM exclamation of satisfaction
MO a moment
MU a Greek letter
MY belonging to me
NA interj. of disbelief
NE arch. form of not
NO a no vote (pl. also NOES)
NU a Greek letter
NY+ (verb) to approach (pl. also NYS)
OB an objection
OD a mystic universal force
OE a grandchild in Scotland (also OY, OYE)
OF belonging to
OH (verb) to exclaim "Oh" for surprise
OI interj. calling attention
OM a syllable intoned as part of a mantra
ON to go on
OO wool (Scots.)
OP an abstract art style
OR the heraldic colour gold
OS+ a bone
OU interj. expressing concession
OW interj. expressing pain
OX+ a mammal with hooves
OY same as OE, above
PA father
PE a Hebrew letter (also PEH)
PH a measure of acidity
PI (verb) to jumble or disorder (pr.p. PIEING, PIING)
PO a chamber pot
QI a Chinese life force
RE a musical note
SH interj. requesting silence
SI a musical note
SO a musical note (also SOH)
ST an exclamation of impatience
TA thanks
TE a musical note
TI a small tree
TO as far as
UG (verb) to cause hatred
UH interj. expressing disbelief
UM interj. of hesitation
UN one
UP (verb) to increase
UR interj. expressing hesitation
US a third person pronoun
UT a musical note
WE a third person pronoun
WO a curse
XI a Greek letter
XU a Vietnamese coin (pl. XU)
YA you
YE you
YO a call for effort
YU precious jade
ZO a Himalayan cross between a yak and a cow (also DZO, DSO, ZHO, DZHO)

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greg said...

Definitions are great, but how do you remember them all? I don't play SOWPODS, only TWL, but I found some great mnemonic devices to remember all the 2-letter words here: